Affirmation of Faith

Lyrics:   (C)  Copyright  Alan Marshall  2001

Music:   “Affirmation” by Savage Garden

I am not a songwriter, but while this very catchy tune was dominating the air waves, I wondered what beliefs I would like to be affirming as a christian. I asked God to help me express them, and these are the words I was given. They fit the basic tune very well, with 15 syllables to a line, and with the beat on the 1st, 5th, 9th and 13th syllables. There may be difficulties with any commercial use, and even church use would first require a professional arrangement. However I would love to see it bring glory to God, so if any church or band is interested in taking it further, please send me an email using the link above.


I believe in God the Father, maker of the heaven and earth;

I believe that long ago he gave them form through just his breath.

I believe that man was not some kind of cosmic accident;

I believe his purpose was to fully know what God’s love meant.

I believe sun, moon and stars, and life itself, declare his praise;

I believe for God, thousands of years are just so many days. *


I believe there is a law that as we sow, so we shall reap.

I believe in ten commandments all mankind has failed to keep.

I know we all fall short of God’s intention and design;

I know death is what follows sin, whether it is yours or mine.

I know there was no answer, easy fix or remedy;

Only the Son of God could live and die and rise for me!


I believe that God so loved the world he sent this only Son,

To fulfill the law on our behalf; its power to us condemn undone.

I believe it is by grace and not by works that we are saved;

Through him all that our sins deserve is now fully forever paid!

I know that all who trust in him can never now be put to shame.

I know eternal life is the reward of all who confess his name!

Holy Spirit:               

I believe he cleanses us; that all our sins are washed away.

I believe the bread and wine make real his love for us today.

I believe that in the Spirit, all who come are born anew.

I believe that resurrection power works in us through and through.

I believe that Jesus is our Lord, the long-promised Messiah.

The one who baptises all of us with Spirit and with fire.

The  Kingdom:

I believe that as we move into a new millennium,

Jesus desires his church to be, to act, to speak as one.

I believe his will is that we join together hearts and minds,

And fulfill his Great Commission as we near the end of times.

Let’s seek to live such that he says “My servant, that’s a job well done!”

Let’s pray as he instructed us, with all our hearts, “Your Kingdom come!"


* alternatively:   And I believe prophets, apostles have made known to us his ways.


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