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Custom SQL Server / Access
Databases to fit your Budget

Database Development Services:

Oceansoft 2000 Pty Ltd is an Australian enterprise that has been providing database solutions to business and government for over 10 years. We use only university qualified personnel, and are committed to the creation of quality databases that are easy to use and maintain . Microsoft Access and VBA are used for the interface, and Access or SQL Server is used for the back-end. Databases are multi-user, and come with colour user manuals and technical notes. We take as much pride in the "look and feel" of our databases as in the extensive functionality they contain. Integrated applications that connect with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook are our specialty. The opening screens of sample interfaces are displayed below:

Satisfied Customers:

Clients in recent years include:

Australian Hydrographic Office
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
University of NSW
Royal Australian Air Force


View resume for details of completed contracts, or download resume as a Word document.


In Australia, the rate is $A88 / hour (including GST) for SQL Server databases, .or $A66 / hour (including GST) for Access databases. For overseas projects, click here for rates in US dollars. In Sydney, work is done remotely or on-site according to the client's preference. Outside of Sydney, Access databases (.mdb files) are delivered by CD or ADSL broadband, and manuals are sent by post. These rates are very competitive. They can be offered because no agents are involved. We provide a straight-forward commercial service subject to same commercial law as other services.

Fixed Price Option:

Provided a sufficiently detailed specification is provided, a fixed price can be given for your project. Be aware that a fixed price estimates hours conservatively to allow for contingencies. Some clients like to go with a fixed price for their first project, and then switch over to a time and materials basis for subsequent work.

Technical Support:

After a database is delivered, support by email, and rectification of any problems, is free for 2 years.

Request for Quotation:

Email me with details of your project.


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