TapeTamer 2.0 for Cataloguing Electronic Media


This product has been designed with the aim of being the best general purpose cataloguing software for home and office on the market. There are a number of other products that will print catalogues and labels, but none can match this product in classifying or searching power. It is also intended to surpass these other products in the range of catalogues and labels produced.

The previous version of TapeTamer (1.0) was designed specifically for church sermon libraries. This version will cater very well for that market, but will have "templates" added to cater for other audio cassette libraries, video and book libraries, music and software collections, slides, wine collections, as well as a contact manager and personal journal. All these "templates" will be version2.x enhancements, and therefore will be available as free upgrades.

System Requirements

TapeTamer 2.0 runs on any Pentium computer. It requires Microsoft Access 97 or later. You will need to have Access already installed in order for the software to run. No knowledge of Access required, though some familiarity would be useful if you wish to add your own custom reports.

Installation Instructions

Just click on the blue hyperlink below and the Save As ... dialog box will open. Save the file TapeTamerA97.exe (or TapeTamerA2000.exe) in any convenient directory. Once downloaded, locate this file with Windows Explorer or My Computer, and double-click it to unzip 5 files. You can then run the program by selecting TapeTamer from the Programs menu. (Alternately, you can double-click file C:\TapeTamer\TapeTamer.mdb, or open it in MS Access.) I suggest you print this page for reference.

Download Instructions

Click here to download TapeTamer 2.0 for Access 97, or here to download TapeTamer 2.0 for Access 2000 or 2002 (XP).
With a 56K modem the download takes only about two minutes, or around 30 seconds with ADSL. There is a 40 day free trial, after which you will need to purchase an unlock

Purchasing an Unlock

Once you decide to purchase the product, return to this screen to obtain an unlock which will remove the 40 day restriction. Click here to purchase online by credit card, or here to purchase through a bank

Getting Started

To get started with the software, read the Getting Started section of the on-line help. For reference you might like to print out the manual (file TapeTamer2.doc) using Microsoft Word (6.0 or higher). It is designed to be inserted in a clear covered A4 display book The content of the on-line help and the manual are the same.

Click here for an example of the software's searching power.

Click here to find where you can purchase labels.

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