Tidal Prediction Products

The products listed below can be run in DOS mode from within Microsoft Windows. Prices on application. For enquiries, email alan06@tpg.com.au.


Designed for recreational users such as fishermen and yachtsmen. Enables you to produce tidal predictions on your own computer for any time period for any Australian port. Accuracy, relative to the official predictions, is typically +/- 0.15m.


Designed for port authorities. Imports files of tidal predictions from PCTide or other programs, and displays them in a variety of ways. The "port window" view is a keel clearance function that displays graphically the periods in each month when a ship of given draught can safely navigate the approach channels and can safely berth.


Designed for port authorities and hydrographic surveyors. A version of the IOS Canada tidal prediction program that produces interpolated tidal heights from a network of tide guages, a network of predicted heights, or a mixture of the two.

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