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A number of readers have commented that it is difficult for them to find like-minded christians who are concerned about environmental issues. I actually think creation care is something more and more christians are thinking about, if search engine results are a reliable indicator. To help readers access other useful material, I have created this page of christian environmental links. Sites are listed alphabetically within an alphabetical list of countries. While I am an evangelical, the sites listed represent all parts of the christian church. I trust you can find something of interest.


Christians and the Environment - A Study Guide: My short biblical overview of the relationship between God's people and creation.


United Church of Canada - Ecology: "The United Church of Canada has a long history of working to protect the integrity of creation."

Europe & Europe-Based

European Bishops Conference: Theme is "Churches and Religions - Their Resonsibilty for Creation".
European Christian Environmental Network: "ECEN aims to enable the churches of Europe to share information, to pool our common experiences, and to encourage each other in being a united witness to caring for God's creation."

New Zealand

Greening the Church: Christian Ecology Network Aotearoa - 4 bible studies on sustainable living.


Ecological Christian Organisation: New locally hosted site by one of my African readers.

United Kingdom & UK-Based

A Rocha: Christian nature conservation organisation with projects in many parts of the world.
Christian Ecology Link: "CEL is a multi denominational UK Christian organisation for people concerned about the Environment."
EcoCongregation: "An ecumenical environmental toolkit with resources, support, and an award scheme."

United States of America & USA-Based

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies: "The mission of Au Sable Institute is the integration of knowledge of the Creation with biblical principles for the purpose of bringing the Christian community and the general public to a better understanding of the Creator and the stewardship of God's Creation."
Drew University: "Greening the Church for a New Millenium" is a doctoral program for camp and retreat directors, ministerial leaders in charge of outdoor ministries, and ministers with an interest in faith formation, environmental justice, ecotheology and administration."
Earth Bow Project: An exciting new site developed by one of my readers, Abby Chapple. Her site takes its name from the profound observation that the covenant of the rainbow is a covenant with all life on Earth. The Earth Bow Paper, a presentation of 19 web pages, is highly recommended.
Earth Ministry: "Helping Individuals and Congregations Connect Christian Faith with Care for the Earth."
Episcopal Church - Environmental Stewardship:  "The goal of the Environmental Stewardship office is to provide to dioceses, congregations and individuals educational, liturgical and action ideas to facilitate our Church's commitment to stewardship of Creation."
Evangelical Environmental Network:  Publishers of Creation Care magazine. Sponsors of the Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation, which has been signed by hundreds of evangelical leaders in North America.
Floresta:  Floresta, a Christian nonprofit organization, reverses deforestation and poverty in the world, by transforming the lives of the rural poor.
Lets Tend The Garden:  A ministry of Boise Vineyard. Some good teaching, particularly in understanding why churches have neglected environmental issues. You will love the TV commercial!
North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology: "In the Earthkeeping Circle, NACCE offers a model that calls Christians to look at the world through the eyes of God's creation."
Target Earth: "A national movement of Christians ..... motivated by the biblical call to be faithful stewards of everything God created-to love our neighbors as ourselves and to care for the earth."

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