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17 October 2011: Contributed by Mary, USA

(Mary has a web site,, where she shares the Word of God in scripture selections set to gentle background music. The CDs can be downloaded free.)

Tongues message (Latin):

Crux dere venert misero ho mi des redeas se secu vit ani avide madi vide vidu rota mecus da levis ves cavit dolor cadio fellit de cesse marte nodis en te ve dive du coit castiges mucho prin cas sese posti pas vid lu vit tec duris liti si cari crev mani de ve te salvi vise natis ani ta sacres vide rit e deo mini diti patre de miru vit precu adus te labas dic decid nate ve oris ad habus dat secu vit oris ad spe a ta id te dicu castige te manda neu ves propo ve her di testis mi lata accep en te pacer rivi id salvata te vit san unit conet amas compes nulli sepes nulli de ama neo do sudes altu gratos grato fami curis carites cor ape peti odi devis re vito deo dis mali domis ser nate luci mand dedis dic hu crux nate ama neci te amites mirac canta crux real revelo reve neci redis reveis vi san resur vit.

Google-Assisted Translation:

It is the cross that I come to see. I return to the wretched man himself to give more life, with himself! Midian soul eager, and I behold the widow, (she who has no husband) the wheel of your contract with Me gives light. (I am your husband by Holy Covenant!) Cease in war concerning your sorrow, grief and pain, and the gall falls. The truth! Thee rich in the knots! (Your concerns have you tied up in knots – these have you bound!) Behold, two have agreed and chasten much themselves, to put their principles first? Thus, after the passion life to light beheld. If the noise of your pleading, prayer and petitions has grown hard dear ones, know that My hands manifested clear concerning these truths, to visit and see thee saved. Behold, the soul seeks the Sacred and Holy Rites as they are born out of the life, such wonder! Surprising, wonderful life to these! Concerning thee, the wealth of the Lord's prayer and supplication to God, His Father seared thee! (See John 17) Failure fell upon the truth, tell Me, son, "I go wrong!" (You tripped over your own sins!) I had none of this with you, no words of repentance. God gives the life unto the mouth, out of the lips! Life, such say! That which you hope by, with the Words! I chastise thee, your proposed truths, your command! God’s the witness that to you it was rendered! Behold, the rivers of peace that thee have received! My blood unites them! My life to thee brought salvation! You may endeavor! Lovest thou SHACKLES and chains, lovest thou bondage? Shackles and chains to no one! Concerning hedges and walls: to no one! I give My love anew, high and deep, PILED HIGH, this is always the case, and with a grateful heart do I give you My love to respond to your hunger! I have opened the heart of the charity, opened my heart to the cares of the sought! So be ye sought, be wanted, be the object in My view! I hate the matter to avoid turning to God! God’s wicked servants remain at home! The cross has light, I rule over the light, I command you son! Thou that gavest Jacob tell me, humbled human! The love thee lost, my son, and were put to death! It is hatred that causes death. It is love that gives life. Now Real LOVE UNVEIL; sing thee of The Cross of revealed miracles! Do you return? You are the one who returns, whom I call back! I call thee out! Thee that was put to death revealed now by the power of My Holy Blood! Life to rise again!

Scripture References:

Isaiah 42:1-17, 30:15, 54:10; Jeremiah 5:3, 8:6, 15:19; Job 34:33, Proverbs 1:23, Matthew 16:23, Luke 6:45, Romans 14:13, 1 Corinthians 8:9, 2 Corinthians 6:3

My Response:

The contribution above is quite remarkable. After corresponding with Mary I am convinced of her personal honesty and persuaded that she has had a genuine experience of the Spirit's power in her life. Although I have never met her, prayerful reflection leads me to think that her gift of tongues is the real thing. That is not to dismiss others who claim the gift, but as I have commented in my essay, when it comes to both tongues and its interpretation, there is plenty of wishful thinking. One cannot presume a tongues message is genuine just because it has been interpreted in church. The interpretation may be a separate prophetic message, or in some cases, the pastor just saying the first thing that pops into his mind. I am convinced greater scrutiny is justified. Therefore, I have no problem with what Mary has done in using Google to assist with the translation, as well as to correct occasional spelling errors in her tongue. It was a personal message to her that validates her gift. Her tongue is word perfect Latin, extraordinary considering she has had no instruction in it. There are examples on this page of Aramaic and Hebrew. It may be that many gifts of tongues are languages that were spoken at the time of Pentecost.

Mary has been given a hard time for using Google. I have encouraged Mary to pray for the gift of interpretation herself, but in the absense of a trusted interpreter, using Google is entirely reasonable. I think any pastor who questions Mary's use of technology should be prepared to demonstrate the accuracy of his own gift of interpretation. (I suggest one way this could be done would be to let two interpreters listen to a someone's spoken tongue, and then have them give their interpretations privately. If they both have a real gift of interpretation, the meaning of the interpretations should essentially be the same. This test does not involve technology and would have been possible even in the first century.)

Another way in which Google can be a helpful tool is in the identification of unknown tongues. As explained below (28 March 2005), I have used it in identifying a tongue I heard on two occasions as Aramaic. The method involves committing the undertaking to God, inviting him to reveal the nature of the tongue if that is in accordance with his will. Then one by one, type sample words from the tongue into Google Search, spelling them as they sound, unless you are led otherwise. Google will infact suggest alternate spellings if they exist. The search will provide links to web pages that contain the word. From these pages you may find the precise meaning of the word, or you may gather information about its meaning from the context in which it is used. In either case, you will generally be able to identify the language, which will usually be the language in which the web page is written. However, one word is not enough to identify a tongue. If you can identify 3 words to a particular language, and not more than one word to a different language, then by the law of evidence (Deuteronomy 17:6, Deuteronomy 19:15), you can argue that you have identified the tongue.

30 July 2005: Contributed by Anthony Wilkinson, USA

I obviously do not know you but I recently read your essay on the web titled, "Tongues of Angles?". At the end, you request that if anyone has had an experience where someone they knew spoke in a different language that is present in the world today to send you an email. I would like to let you know that the exact scenario you have asked for occurred in my church a little more than two years ago. Being a Pentecostal, I am still somewhat skeptical of the display of tongues in Pentecostal churches. Based on my finite (and most assuredly limited) understanding, tongues seem to be something that Paul encourages believers to use more in private than in the church. I believe Paul taught that tongues are more used to edify oneself in prayer than used to excite and intensify during a public worship service.

That being said, I cannot deny what happened in our church. A man that I have known for 28 years, was my high school basketball coach and that I know has a very limited education spoke in tongues in our service. The unbelievable part of it is that their was a lady at our church from India who recognized his speaking and after he was finished, informed the church of what he was saying. My memory is a little foggy on the exact passage of scripture, however, I do remember that he was quoting from Psalms. I can assure you that this guy has no clue about the Indian language but beyond that, he was using a specific dialect from this ladies home region. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know about this since you asked. I trust you are a believer in Christ and if so, I wish you nothing but the best in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

God Bless, Anthony Wilkinson

28 March 2005: Contributed by Myself (Alan Marshall)

As a young man I attended various Pentecostal meetings in search of an experience of the Holy Spirit. At one meeting I remember hearing the word "shalama". Three months later, and 300 miles away, I attended another meeting where I heard this word used again. Now at the time I did not make too much of this. Without wanting to offend anyone who might read this, I confess that I thought "shalama" sounded like the kind of made-up word that one might naturally utter.

Thirty-three years later, while working on this web page, It occurred to me that in the 21st century, Google might shed some light. So I typed in "shalama" and was astonished by what I found. In Aramaic, the language which Jesus spoke, "shalama" means "peace". (It is related to the Hebrew "shalom").

Perhaps these tongues were genuine afterall. Certainly it has given me food for thought.

5 November 2004: Received from Allen Hall, CA, USA

Alan, A couple of stories about my wife you might enjoy.

Two different times my wife has been detected speaking in a Hebrew dialect as she prayed in Tongues. One time she had left a prayer meeting and while heading for home she noticed a woman waiting for a bus. Since they would be going the same direction she asked the woman if she wanted a ride. She was going to Mass in a Catholic church and would appreciate the ride instead of waiting for the bus. There had been some articles in the paper about the Charismatic movement where people were experiencing Glossolalia (a theological term for Speaking in Tongues). She had read about it but had never been around anyone who had shared the experience. My wife told her she had experienced it and asked if she could pray for the woman. She said she would like that. They pulled over for the prayer time and as my wife prayed she shifted into Tongues. The woman got excited. She said she was from New York and an editor. Hebrew was common among her circle of friends. She said my wife was speaking in a very formal Hebrew. The lady missed Mass in her excitement over the experience. As they parted she told my wife she was going to look into the Charismatic movement.

Another time we were returning from a trip. The commuter plane from San Francisco to Modesto was over booked. They offered to pay for a rental car if a group of us wanted to get home with out waiting for the next flight. We chose the rental car. While traveling with strangers my wife struck up a religious conversation in the back seat. This lead to prayer and again my wife shifted in to Tongues. The lady said my wife spoke in a Hebrew dialect and was quite surprised. We had no further contact with the people and donąt know if they pursued their spiritual life. We hope they did.

14 October 2004: Received from Allen Hall, CA, USA

While living in San Jose CA we had an Italian family living close by as neighbors. They had only been in the states a few years. Their broken English and their struggles with American customs made them an interesting family. Our Pentecostal background had given us much exposure to the prayer of Speaking in Tongues. The Charismatic activities, where Pentecostals and other Liturgical groups were coming together, was a new thing We became an oddity to them because of Priests and Nuns and other Catholic groups coming to our home. One morning the Italian lady called and asked if my wife could come over. My wife dropped her busy activities and went. She had an inward nudge to go. There seemed to be a spiritual hunger in the Italian lady. My wife joined her and her mother with some of the usual small talk and the offer for some food and drink. You do not go into an Italian home without the offer for food and drink! After a few minutes my wife suggested they stand, hold hands, and pray. As they prayed my wife had an inward nudge to pray in Tongues. She wondered if she might pray in Italian. When they finished the prayer the Italian lady and her mother were in tears. My wife asked, Did I pray in Italian? They said she had prayed in Latin and said the same words the Priest says in Mass. With their limited English and my wife's limited knowledge of the Mass, they could not explain what was said.

11 October 2004: Received from Allen Hall, CA, USA

I will start out with my story. If you want more of our stories let me know. Our friends had a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains and we would often join them for devotions. One evening while setting in front of the fireplace on an old couch that was fitting to an old cabin we were praying, singing, and worshiping. It was common for any of the group to pray in tongues. We had all experienced tongues and there was no need for interpretation since there were no strangers in the group and we all knew it was some form of prayer, praise, or devotion. I prayed in tongues. A lady with a joyful laughter said, I used to live in Canada where French was commonly spoken. As you prayed in tongues you were using a French word meaning "very much". I dont speak French but I know a few words. Her husband, using a gift of interpretation, (not translation ­ he spoke no French) gave us the whole prayer. Included in the prayer was the expression, "Lord, I love you very much". Unlike the Day of Pentecost where tongues left them amazed, confused, and confounded, the experience left us with a joyful praise to God.

2 August 2004: Received from Paul Christensen, New Zealand

Hi. At present, I am a 57 year old Presbyterian elder, worshiping at St Aidan's church in Conifer Grove, Auckland, New Zealand. I was first converted to Christ at the age of 19 at an Assembly of God church in Lower Hutt, near Wellington, New Zealand. I spent 12 years in various Pentecostal churches. I received the gift of tongues about a month after I was converted. It would take a long time to relate the things the Lord has taught me about the gift of tongues and the other spiritual gifts. I had the honour of sitting under the ministry of an old. wise Christian pastor for a number of years. He taught me many things about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This was in the 1970s. If you want to read more about my view on tongues, read my exposition on 1Corinthians14 on my website, Now, I will relate two experiences where the gift of tongues were understood the Christian Centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand, circa 1976.

The first happened to a friend of mine who was in a prayer meeting. The practice was that everyone in the prayer meeting prayed in tongues in between prayers in English. They practiced praying in the spirit and in the understanding also. My friend was sitting beside a visiting brother from Ghana, Africa. The Ghanaian brother was named Bahdu. Bahdu became very excited at one part of the meeting. He stopped the prayer meeting, turned to my friend Terry, and said "You were speaking in my dialect! And this is what you were speaking." He then gave a direct translation of what my friend said. The words were full of praise to God for the wonderful works He was doing.

The second happened to me. I was in an ordinary Sunday service. At the altar call, when the congregation was asked to pray for people at the front of the church, we prayed quietly in tongues. After we stopped, a Maori lady who was sitting near to me approached me and said that I had prayed in the Maori language, and God used it to give a personal message of encouragement to her. My friend Terry had never learned a foreign language, let alone Bahdu's own village dialect, and I had no knowledge of Maori language at that time. I trust that this is a help to you.

My Reply:

Paul, I am grateful for time you have taken to share these examples of foreign language tongues. They seem genuine to me, and if it is all right with you, I would like to include them on my "Tongues Forum" page. Over the next 18 months, I am hoping to expand the essay into a book. There will be a chapter on these kind of experiences. Could I also include what you have shared there? The testimony from Bahdu in particular is an encouragement to me. Over the past year, through my site, I have become involved in raising funds to supply English language bibles to ministries in Ghana who have requested them. Among these evangelists is Janet Addo who works in a camp of 47,000 refugees. To date she has won 3000 of them to Christ! Another pastor, Samson Opoku, has won 800 souls in the Muslim north. Meanwhile, the Bible Society of NSW is translating the scriptures into 10 languages and dialects spoken by Ghanan tribes. God certainly has a heart for Ghana (and all unsaved peoples), and I believe Bahdu's testimony confirms this. It is great that you have provided free web access to your scripture expositions. I will read through your piece on 1 Corinthians 14 carefully.

1 September 2003: Received from Leentje Adams

There is no doubt in my mind that God still desires to bring people to the knowledge of Himself through tongues - otherwise He would not have given me this particular insight. I also know for a fact that most tongues are an earthly language. I have heard two testimonies within my own church regarding this fact.

One is a dutchman who heard a fellow English speaking member speak in Dutch (the member did not know Dutch) and the Dutchman heard God speak to him in is own mother tongue and he was changed within. He said the message was 'strictly for him' and 'no interpretation was required'... He immediately stood up and began to speak in a strange tongue (foreign to himself). Now, this congregation, like most I would ascertain, usually uses prophesiers to 'interpret' - yet obviously they do not understand the language either... What I found interesting was that the Dutchman said that no interpreter was required! He was obviously the interpreter! through knowledge... yet, he did not enlighten the congregation as to what was said, and no interpreter (or prophesier) stood to tell them... how bizzare is that? The bible states that tongues MUST BE INTERPRETED. or else be silent...

Second, my own pastor who thought he had a 'heavenly tongue' (as opposed to an earthly foreign language) has a couple utterings that he himself confesses that he uses a lot (over and over)... apparently he uttered one of these phrases beside a bus driver one day who actually interpreted the language as being his mother tongue! - some obscure country in Africa I believe and the interpretation was something along the lines of Praise God the Almighty... It really shocked them both!

If you really think about it what language do angels speak anyway? When they encounter human beings they speak our language as far as I know...

18 August 2003: Received from a Lutheran pastor

I am a pastor. One day a woman in my congregation began to speak in tongues during the devotional part of our service. A young man who had been (the boy friend of one of the young girls in my church) coming freguently, but had not recieved Christ as Savior and Lord personally began to cry. We are a small group, and this young man never said anything or showed emotion before in service. He just wept, and said, motioning to the woman who was speaking in tongues, she's tallking about Jesus, and praising him, I hear her! Well of course we all assumed she was praising God of which Jesus was a part, but he kept insisting that he heard her words and understood them. That was several years ago. The young man and his girlfriend now live together (not married) and have for at least 3 years. Neither of them ever go to church. I often wonder...what effect that incident had on his life. Surely it was supernatural. He must know that God is real, because he spoke directly to him!

11 August 2003: Received from Rev.Philip Nowland

I thought that you might be interested in looking at the following URL:

31 May 2003: Received from James Holsomback

This is a memory that remains with me from my childhood. Although this is second-hand information, it is still interesting. I grew up in an Assembly of God Church. The preacher there told a story of his friend who was a missionary to Africa. While there, after receiving the gospel, one of the natives began praising the Lord. To the missionary's surprise, the African man was unknowingly reciting Genesis in English, which, consequently, he didn't know. Like I said friend of a friend story ; however, the preacher was such a man that I am assured that he related the story just as he had received it so that negates one level of indirection. I am now a member of the Church of Christ and have been since I was 17, but memories such as the one above, periodically cause me to question miraculously happenings and I end up at websites such as yours. I guess that I am on the other side of the coin from you.

My Reply:

Thanks for your story. Yes, it is indirect, but it is believable because it is the kind of incident that could be straight out of the bible. I will put it up on the site at the next update in July.

Received from Chris Muluk, London, UK

I dropped by your site and saw the article on tongues. Some years ago my wife had a friend who heard a young man speaking in tongues at church. He was quite uneducated, and didn't naturally speak any foreign languages. When she got closer to him she realised that he was speaking spanish. He was saying "I love you Jesus" over and over in spanish. Can't substantiate it. Have lost touch with the friend. Thought you might be interested. It's a common language, and the story is probably easy to dismiss, but you never know......

Received from Garth Grenache, Australia

I know someone whose church put out a CD on which was a song and a lady sang in tongues. The CD was marketed worldwide, and the language identified by members of a small tribe somewhere. I'll speak to my friend -maybe I can get an article on it for you.


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